Kid Provides Solid Rant On Teacher For Not Teaching

May 9, 2013


This is a video of Jeff Bliss of Duncanville High School in Texas preaching to his teacher about how she needs to actually teach the class instead of just handing out reading packets everyday and telling the students, 'This is just my paycheck.' He definitely does a good job of keeping it real. I recommend watching it, no matter what side of the aisle you stand on, because I think there's something for all of us to take away. Even if it is only stop f***ing recording in vertical mode.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Mr. Coffee, who's not to be confused with a Keurig K-cup machine but still makes the stuff my veins need in the morning.

  • Bobert

    and yet.. nobody told this fuckin hippie to get a haircut.

  • Tony

    Teaching well, inspiring people (especially a whole mix of people in an overstuffed class), is hard. Anyone who says it isn't either hasn't taught before, or hasn't taught well. I sympathize with the teacher here if only because the ranter isn't seeing the value of his education beyond whatever content is in those packets. "Here's a task, figure it out or learn how to figure it out (in a safe environment). If it sucks, don't bitch, just do it anyway. Persevere, and move on." That's Life. Getting that extra inspiration from high school teachers is a nice bonus when it happens, but "expecting it" shows a lack of perspective.

  • balashi

    I'm clearly in the minority on this one (I guess that comes with being 40) - but I would like to just put this out there. Before we all dogpile this teacher - let's remember that this is only a 90 second snapshot of that classroom, here at the end of an entire school year. We have no idea what preceded this moment, nor this day. It's very possible she is a slacker of a teacher - it's also possible that this guy has been an ongoing troublemaker and she's had enough of him. Maybe we should let the school investigate the entire situation before we throw her and her career under the bus.

  • Rob

    Respect. This kid has a bright future ahead. He dismantles this woman in a very well spoken way, minus the "yo" in the beginning, but hey he is still a kid. Great Job Young Buck, keep chipping away, change doesn't happen overnight.

  • Heather Sainsbury

    I think that this is brilliant. It's so true, and totally not disrespectful. If someone with any authority had stood up and made that speech, I can guarantee the entire audience would be on their feet clapping and cheering, but because it's a school student everyone just classes it as an act of rebellion, which I think is really sad. So many students would be so much more excited by classes if they were taught with some enthusiasm and passion. I really hope this video makes an impact.

  • Ed Hopkins

    That kid is everything that is wrong with America. Arrogant, disrespectful, and entitled to 24/7 entertainment. I would venture to say that 100% of teachers start out with the desire to touch hearts and minds, and shape the future of America. But this desire is quickly killed by the attitudes of the students, administrators, and parents. If that little snot makes it through college, let him try teaching. He thinks he knows best, but he's only experienced it from the other side. Let's see how he feels the 5th time a kid points a laser at his eye, or a parent demands glowing recommendation for their D student, or an administrator makes him publicly apologize for giving a zero to a cheater, or for raising his voice at student who wouldn't stop kicking another student. Teaching is the only job I know of that requires a masters degree and a necktie, but also makes you eat a 10 minute bag lunch and direct cars in the parking lot. The only thing a teacher is paid to do in the classroom is keep the kids safe and provide the material for their standardized tests. What do people expect? The teacher in this video deserves credit for not giving that kid the beating he so richly deserved.

  • Ana

    "What do people expect?" How about education and understanding? Not answers like "could you just leave?". It's sad that a kid should be beaten for wanting education. What is wrong with you?

  • Ed Hopkins

    My take on the situation is he was ordered out of class for some other disruption that occurred before the video began. Instead of going quietly, he chose to berate the teacher. The teacher had no recourse other than to repeat her instruction to leave, which he felt free to ignore. The beating he deserved was not for "wanting an education." Don't be absurd. He needed corporal punishment for his highly inappropriate behavior. Unfortunately, schools don't allow that anymore. The result is a broken system where classrooms are run by clowns like this and not by the adults. Teachers have all the responsibility but none of the authority. It only takes a few years for them to learn to just let the kids do whatever they want, because they can't do anything about it.

  • cabbo

    Some kids are assholes. It's a teacher's job to deal with that, and engage and educate them. I'm sure the job wears you down, but it's not an excuse to stop trying.

  • Deksam

    Most the kids there would agree with you "teach", as they are the good sheeple and just take the socialist crap they are fed. But this kid cared and wanted face to face help with learning and was plainly ignored,
    i was once taught by a fellow student a course because the teacher didn't give a damn. Handing out packets is a job for substitute teachers, because all they really are is baby sitters. I know because I was a Sub once.

  • catallergy

    socialism blah blah blah sheeple blah blah blah. Do you ever put any thought into what you say or do you just repeat bs talking points? Socialism (an economic policy) has nothing to do with teachers losing their desire to teach effectively, or being held accountable for poor teaching habits.

  • agatha

    Good one! I used to have bored, depressed teachers. But I always say: Life is what you make of it.
    So this guy standing out, thinking about the future, he'll be alright. (Only don't walk out of the class to much :) )

  • GirlFromSpace

    I'm just glad I'm not in HS anymore...when I was in school I felt like the teachers had a passion - had a message - I learned something and respected them. Now, I don't know~ I fear for our future. I fear for kids in school now. WTF happened to teachers?! (I graduated in 2000)

  • flingo mcflop

    didn't know Eminem got hair extensions, but i agree nonetheless, its the same in my college never mid the high schools round here

  • Bloop

    If someone has not stated it yet, standards of learning brought to you by the US Government.

  • This is actually messed up. When I was in 8th grade we started the year learning French (Canadian here) by a woman from France because the teacher who was supposed to teach us was on sick leave. We had the good teacher for about a month before the other got back. She was the same as this, except instead of reading packets, she would put the lesson up on the overhead with all the conjugations. And our entire class consisted of copying it down, word for word, and hand it in at the end. Every day for a year.

    The kid in the video is right, some people cant learn like that. I write very slow unless I'm typing so I could get maybe half a page done before the class would end and she'd hunt me down in another class and make me spend my lunch hour with out eating finishing. I'm thinking of seeing if she still works there and seeing if she still teaches like that to report her.

  • Smivey

    Speaking of teaching, "every day" is two words, unless you're using it as an adjective.

  • Enkidu98

    I hope she didn't take credibility for teaching him jack...

  • Guybrush Ulysses Threepwood

    As the taliban would say: "He has balls. I like balls!".

  • Alexandre

    Am I the only one who is bothered by his misuse of the word "credibility?"

    I guess it proves a point though, he needs better teachers and shit. :/

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