I'd Play: Game Of Thrones Characters As Magic Cards

May 30, 2013


This is a decent sized series of Game of Thrones characters reimagined as Magic: The Gathering cards by tumblr-er JermTube. Man, I remember playing Magic in high school. Whenever I'd start losing I'd put the dice in my mouth and swish them around until my opponent forfeited. It was a solid strategy.

Hit the jump for two more 10-card sets.



Thanks to lowjack, who was the Magic champion of the high school lunchroom and people would bring him juice boxes and cookies out of respect.

  • Eugen Simpsonim Rozic

    Catelyn Tully - GW?!? Tully... house whose town is RIVERrun, on the merging of two RIVERs, whose sigil is FISH and colors BLUE and red?? I don't understand the white in there, but there not being BLUE just doesn't make any sence at all xD

    Not that it matters, just saying... it's still plenty cool overall :D

  • Adam Victor Klesh

    I've been doing these for a long time now. Not just GoT, but a ton of other stuff, too. Here's a link to my Dany: http://madolaf.blogspot.com...

  • Christopher D. Rose

    The balancing on a lot of these is horrible. To the original creator; Keep in mind that the "Legendary" super typing is considered a draw back in design... because of that, the high mana cost of most of these and the poorly balanced power and toughness most of these would never even see play if they were actual cards. I will say that some of them look like they have been influenced by actual cards which helps and in most cases is the best way to go when considering a possible limited set.

    Also, for the future I would work on keeping keywords within their normal colors, it makes balancing easier. Finally, Given the world of Game of Thrones it would actually be pretty easy to assign single colors to most of the members of the main families. I'm all for splitting legendaries between multiple colors, however in some cases it just isn't always necessary. (ie. if you notice you have a lack of Green it's probably because that SHOULD be the color for all of the Starks IMHO. - Barathion should be White, Lannister Blue, and Targarian Red. Other families/characters can fit in as needed but black should probably be saved mostly for the Undead and fouler characters of the realm.) Just my 2 Cents.

  • Jeremy Bartlett

    nah i just made them for flavor though. they weren't meant to be critically analyzed or literally played.

  • Mendetus

    but I think he's saying the flavor can be criticized a bit.

  • Jeremy Bartlett

    he has the right, its cool. everyone has their take on things. the characters are all so deep, its easy to argue that they can be several different color combos

  • cool beans

    I'm not really feeling most of these. Ygritte would be awesome what with Mana Burn being out , and Bran is a cheaper Trostani's Summoner, but stuff like a 1/1 for 3 mana with extort shouldn't be a legendary creature imo. Overall though, it's pretty cool to see the characters re-imagined in the context of MTG.

  • Jon Williams

    I want to put some of these in my magic deck. imagine Boros Reckoner and Stannis Baratheon in a ever fun little combo. or make High Priest of Penance indestructible and ping him with Stannis Baratheon. oh the ideas and combos....

  • jkjlkhkj

    whats the deal with the split-mana borders with only normal mana casting costs?

  • Jeremy Bartlett

    i liked the aesthetic better when i was making them, that's all

  • Forblat

    Cersei sure could have used that protection from white in books HEY-O

  • $434689

    What's the casting cost for the Iron Throne?

  • Jeremy Bartlett

    whoops... uh idk, maybe 4 or 5 colorless?

  • timfreilly

    The mother of dragons definitely needs Protection from Red!

  • Jeremy Bartlett

    yea actually that's a good point. she would have a pretty big wall of text if i included that, though, but yea that's a good call.

  • GizmoDuck

    definitely would help me remember everyone's names

  • Jeremy Bartlett

    hey, i am Jermtube. i didn't realize the card photos would get that much attention, otherwise i would have given them all better rarity values!

  • Hahah, and I was going to point out that legendary creatures should be a "Rare" rarity if not "mythic rare." Nice work man; love the concept.

    On a side note, Klug Alters did a Dark Confidant alter with Littlefinger on it.

  • Jeremy Bartlett

    dang that's pretty awesome. i feel like if you just throw a little mustache on Confidant, they look similar enough.

  • nope

    seriously?! GOT has been a trading card game for years!! Thank you HBO for bringing it to the masses and all, but nerds had already gone there over ten years ago....

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