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How To: Make A Hidden Graduation Cap Drinking Flask


With graduation right around the corner, what better way to celebrate your scholastic achievement than with the same thing that made it take six years to get your bachelor's degree in the first place: booze. Thankfully, Dominique over at FoodBeast has got you covered with this step-by-step picture tutorial. You just take a regular mortarboard graduation cap, do some crafty stuff, and PRESTO! you're drinking out of your hat during an entirely too long commencement speech. Bonus points if you use electrical tape to write something clever on the top of the hat like 'BONER'. Double bonus points if you finish the whole bag before being called to accept your diploma and TRIPLE bonus points if you pee the stage when shaking the dean's hand. The person with the most points at the end of the ceremony probably gets their degree taken away.

One more shot of drinking out of the thing after the jump.


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  • durka

    Something about the ridges on the end of that tube look familiar :P

  • catallergy

    By the time I had graduated college the "novelty" of drinking had worn off. I guess that's not the case for everyone. It's better when you just enjoy drinking alcohol instead of having to turn it into some game. But I agree with the posters below. A camelback is a much smarter way to go. And you don't have to make anything.

  • Daforce

    Camelback under the gown, or the Beer Belly (from the makers of the Wine Rack). Seriously, why go reinventing the wheel when there's stuff already out there that you can use straight off of the shelf.

  • Brant_Alan

    I doubt anyone is going to notice that your tassel is a huge rigid straw like shape.

  • Booze

    Since she is a girl, why not just wear the 'wine rack bra?'

  • lordpikachu

    errr..hidden how?

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  • catallergy

    Well my father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate told me you're co-workers sister in law is full of shit. Also she has herpes.

  • Jim Nosrati

    I think by hidden, they meant absolutely fucking retarded.

  • Gnome

    You you say Fucking Retarded..
    You meant absolute Genius.. We get it..

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