Guy Has Awesome 'Gears Of War' Scene Featuring His Wife And Two Dogs Drawn For Their First Anniversary

May 23, 2013


Note: This shot really don't do the piece justice. Click HERE to see it even bigger.

This is the 'Gears of War' scene Redditor Xioo had he and his wife and dogs drawn into to celebrate their first anniversary. Should those dogs have guns on their backs? Probably. And for the record, the entire piece wasn't drawn just for the anniversary, it was a piece the artist had already created and just altered for the couple. Maybe not as insane as having an entire picture drawn just for you, but also nowhere near as expensive. You're typically not made of money your first year of marriage, you know? You're usually buying a house, saving up to have children, fixing up a man-cave real nice so you can spend a lot of time in there alone -- that sort of thing.

Thanks to Darren, who informed me it's traditional to give a paper gift for first year anniversaries because why risk buying something more expensive when you've only been at it for a year? Daaaaw, such a hopeless romantic!

  • afi
  • Bubbubsky

    The dogs alone make this hilarious.

  • I'm confused. Are you sure this isn't a lesbian couple? Because last time I checked, men in the Gears of War universe were 300 lbs of muscles and rage, minus necks.

  • artisan54

    Jace is pretty lean. similar to the pic.

  • Joe Ferschke

    The word "epic" is a noun. I hate it.

  • Thinger

    There will be a few people coming around later to link you to a dictionary page or two and pointing to the adj. section (and possibly adverb section if you like your -ly). With that said, I think the word has become increasingly overused for things that aren't really that epic...and it is getting pretty annoying. How annoying? I won't say how annoying.

  • SimSnow

    Perhaps annoyingly epic?

  • Thinger

    Close, but I'm not gonna say it!

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