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For The (Evil) Ladies: Disney Villain High Heels


This is a small series of handmade high-heelsby footwear designer/cobbler Kobi Levi. Each represents a different Disney lady-villain. This is the Evil Queen here, but there are Maleficent and Ursala models after the jump. Unfortunately, there aren't any Victoria's Secret models after the jump, so you're on your own ever getting a boner again after seeing Ursala as a shoe.

Hit the jump for the rest.






Thanks to PYY, who informed me the shoes make the woman which is weird because I always thought it was the boobs and hoo-ha.

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  • Carissa Lynn van Raak


  • Wow! Those are hideous.

  • Closet Nerd

    Are the "Madvillain" shoes just metal?

  • I actually think the shoes themselves are really nice looking. Just the faces in the soles of the shoes looks horrible. WIthout that they would be really awesome.

  • Go home shoes, you're drunk.

  • just b℮fоr℮ I lооĸ℮d аt tһ℮  cһ℮cĸ fоur  $6468, I didn't b℮li℮v℮ ...tһа  mоtһ℮r in lаw wаs liĸ℮ tһ℮y  sаy r℮аli℮ bringing in mоn℮y in tһ℮r℮ spаr℮ tim℮ оn tһ℮ir  аppl℮ lаbtоp.. tһ℮r℮ fri℮nds cоusin  һаs dоn℮ tһis fоr оnly аbоut  tw℮nty mоntһs аnd r℮sаntly pаid  fоr tһ℮ lоаns оn tһ℮ir villа  аnd purcһаs℮d а gr℮аt Smаrt  Fоr Twо. gо tо,WWW.Lux14.Com

  • Awesome.

  • schlitz, the beer?

  • The man, the myth... no, yea just the beer.

  • agatha

    Eghhh! I can put this in the ugly shoes file...

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