Beautiful Adventure Time Ice King And Marceline Cosplay

May 10, 2013


This is a series of photographs from Mineralblu Photography of some Twinzik cosplayers dressed as Simon Petrikov (the future Ice King) and Marceline from Adventure Time. Touching, isn't it? You? You should be not touching right now. Put your hands down. I SAID PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN. Why do you always have to touch everything anyways? You're like a child. Let me guess -- you also have to see what the bathroom looks like whenever you go somewhere new. Jk jk, that's totally normal. I'm always hoping to see one of those little kiddy urinals or a bathroom attendant. Oh, like I'm the only one who plays bathroom bingo?

Hit the jump for several more of the impressiveness.





Thanks to ML, who agrees adventure times are the best times besides afternoon nap times.

  • Guest

    I avoid public restrooms like the plague, ESPECIALLY in places with self serve food. Why? Well, it should be obvious, but I'll have to spell it out. People are disgusting and inconsiderate. The last thing I want to see is some guy walking out of the bathroom without washing his hands after manhandling his dick and then proceed to the self serve food area to fix him up some grub...seriously? Why am I the only one that see's this as disgusting? Do you honestly want other peoples dick sweat on your hands? Because that's what you're getting on your hands when you touch shit that they've touched...oh but you're getting so much more disgusting shit on your hands also from others. And you know, it's unlikely to kill you, hell, it probably won't even make you sick, but that doesn't change the fact that it's DISGUSTING and just @$#%ing RUDE!! Keep your @$#%ing dick sweat and germs in your pants, I don't want them on the stuff that I am going to be using! And don't think you ladies are an exception to this. While statistically, women are more likely to wash their hands WITH SOAP than men, there are still plenty that don't. So to everyone out there, quit getting your genital sweat and god knows what else all over the stuff that OTHER people use and touch.

  • Guest

    Kinda disapointing in the use of latex gloves on the hands, it's really noticable, rest is awesome.

  • Chris Connors

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  • Superior_Joe

    "I think others would like to hear it."

    No one wants to hear it.

  • Twinzik

    They're actually made from dance tights! We were handling lots of things that day and didn't want to have to bring the makeup with us for touchups (I also didn't want any more body makeup on our 9 year old cousin than was necessary!).

  • Twinzik

    The top photo is actually by Chou-wa Photography and Cosplay -

    And the solo photo of Simon is by Lance Butcher!

    Thanks so much for the feature!

  • tedsmitts

    Needs more Gunter.

  • Luka Mlinar

    And here i thought it was papa strumf :/

  • Twinzik

    It's okay, I got that a lot. xD

  • Suspicious Character

    :'( The Ice King/Marceline side story really teared me up. I actually cried during that episode. This is great work

  • hicker

    I feel like I should alert the authorities about this situation...

  • Step away from the child, blue pedo!

  • mateom

    if the first thing that jumps in your head is "pedo" when ever a guy is with a kid then theres a good chance that you might actually be the one that fancys kids. its safe to assume that you bring up atheism at least every 3 hours in your life.

  • Derek Huffman

    you guys ruin everything nice.

  • Misanthrope

    Oh, really? Pro lifers and priests beg to differ.

  • Superior_Joe

    Please show a connection between atheism and pedophedlia. Go ahead, we'll wait.*

    *Feel free to ask me to demonstrate a connection between *religeon* and pedophelia. That should be no problem.

  • mateom

    i wasnt trying to connect pedophilia with atheism. i merely accused someone of being a pedofile andi assumed that they brag about being atheist b/c every atheist i know cant go three hours with out telling at least one random stranger about atheism. Have no clue how you jump to the conclusion that i said all atheist are pedos. No ALL ATHEIST CANT SHUT UP ABOUT BEING ATHEIST AND DEMAND ATTENTION. dont know how many of them have been caught fondling kids but im sure they do just like every other religeon.

  • Superior_Joe

    Oh, so you're just stereotyping atheists as obnoxious. That's really cool.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    I find it ironical your attempt to link pedophilia with atheism when priests are the ones often involved with those scandals.

  • asdfasdf`

    simon is no pedo
    certainly not for marceline who is like a daughter to him....until the crown deleted everything.

    but that doesn't even enter into it since even with princess bubblegum who he'd been primarily stalking as soon as she became 13(decreased from 18 not increased from 12) he left. so

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