Vadering: America's Not As Impressive Answer To Those Japanese Schoolgirl Real Life Dragon Ball Moves

April 5, 2013


Not to be outdone by a bunch of Japanese schoolgirls (although still totally getting outdone by a bunch of Japanese schoolgirls), this is a series of shots of people force-choking (aka 'Vadering') their friends in real life. You won't catch me posing for any sort of picture like this, but that's because I only have one pose for photos: a good old fashioned bare assed mooning. It seems to have gone out of style in recent years, but I'm bringing it back (plus cupping my balls with one hand so they can't photobomb).

Hit the jump for several more.









Thanks to cutty and RhymeDirective, who have both jokingly force-choked friends but then they're friends actually choked so they're afraid to try it again.

  • Proteon

    CHICK FI LA - Corporate Viral Sucks Dick

  • Forblat

    This is far better than hadoukening.

  • Dokalen

    Come on america, we can do better than this.

  • David Jones

    I prefer Japanese girls in school uniform, not sure why

  • zer0phusi0n

    I don't want to be an ass, but you used the wrong form of "Their, There, They're" in the last sentence.

  • rikster81


  • Teresa Phillip

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  • Bearded dude is a true Thespian ;)

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