The 9%: Almost 1 In 10 People Would Sex A Robot

April 11, 2013


See the guy in the picture? He calls that lovedoll his wife. Don't be that guy.

According to a recent study, 9% of people would be willing to have sex with a robot. And not like, to win a bunch of money if they survive the affair, they're just straight-up willing to bang a robot. Now if you'll excuse me, I think it's bourbon in my coffee time.

Though many (42 percent) are still confused as to whether sex with a robot would constitute infidelity, I believe it might constitute the ultimate hybrid hope.

Wait -- 42% aren't sure having sex with a robot constitutes cheating? Let me answer that for you: yes, and in the worst way possible. Not only have you wronged your spouse, YOU HAVE WRONGED HUMANITY. The percentage of people who will regret having sex with a robot after the deed is done: 200%. God, could you even imagine the shame? "YOLO!" You make me sick.

Hit the jump for a video in case you can't get enough of that dude in the screenshot.

Thanks to Matty Matt, who tried to get me to admit that I'd try it.

  • Anyway Ucan

    Great idea, and just like jerking off, this is not infidelity, it is fantasy. And, probably feels better too. Bring 'em on, I'll take two.


    Wait a minute, yes I see the current generation of sex robots as a bit creepy but what if you built a synthetic human that could not be told apart from a real human. A perfectly functioning artificial android. Then well think about it, no fights, no trying to interpret subtle communication ques, that many men never notice. No trying to change you, or, "Improve you". I can see the appeal to this for both women and men. Women could get emotional , sensitive, shopping guys with six pack abs, perfect hair and tremendous stamina. Every guy could date a model android. Imagine a sexual relationship without the baggage of all the male and female neuroses. If this form of sex toy develops, it could drastically reduce the human population. Just think guys you could collect em!

  • Clarence Worley

    1 out of 10 isn't 9%, it's 0.9%.

  • da1nonlysage

    Did you finish 3rd grade?

  • Mr Pedantic

    1 in 10 is 10%. think about it. 10 out of 10 is 100%

  • Zeppelin Fogarty

    Women have done this for decades.

  • Ken Lee

    eh one guy spoke my mind already. Women have been using sex toys since the birth of civilization (no kidding, people have found dildos that were thousands of years old) when a man wants to have a sex toy he is seen as sad, or some sort of loser degenerate. I want sex, often, I don't always want the hassle of taking people out to dinner, and buying them shit when I only want the end result. So sexbots? yes please, also, why do you think prostitution is so time tested?

  • Brant_Alan

    Speaking of tested. Best get tested for the Claptrap and the C3Penovirus

  • Chip Douglas


  • Brant_Alan

    I would have if you hadn't.
    Gotta go make out with my Monrobot

  • disqus_3POcV37crq

    Haven't women been using robots for.. I dunno... since vibrators were out?

  • Joel Lamm

    I think i noticed Dave Cat wearing one of those asian hug jackets......

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    As long as the robot is the opposite sex of the human, it should be okay. After all, we don't want a bunch of romos destroying the fabric of our western civilization, do we?

  • wut wut~


  • V_Ferg

    Well at least they wont be angry when you accidently stick it in poop shoot.

  • Duhjango

    She was asking for it by the way I dressed her.

  • I think in its current form, it is rather creepy, especially to the length that the one guy has taken it with making it his wife and such. However, as technology progresses and they become more lifelike in their movements, looks and AI, I think it will be a great option. The idea of creating the perfect woman rather than spending my life hoping to find her is very appealing. And not having to deal with a woman's time of month and other random insanity, yes please!

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Just for the sake of a philosophical or ethical debate, what happens when the robot says "No" to your sexual advances? With a sufficiently advanced AI, would a sentient robot have the same sexual rights as a human? Could they be forced to participate in a relationship (saying "no" could lead to them being turned off) or perform sexual acts with their human "spouse?"

    The answer, of course, is yes...because they're robots and are thus our slaves forever. The spirit of Thomas Jefferson shall live once more!!

  • Mr. Blank

    just have an inbuilt attachment routine. problem solved.

  • Kyle Morgan

    WKUK Made the first sex robot...

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