Playing Space: Interactive Map Of The Milky Way Galaxy

April 4, 2013


Note: No screencap does the thing justice, you're gonna just have go to the website and click around playing space ranger on your own. Clicking the 'Take a Tour' button in the upper left corner is a good start though.

100,000 Stars is a website with a 3-D interactive map of the Milky Way Galaxy you can zoom in and out of to explore our little neck of the universe. Fun fact: did you know that Voyager 1, the furthest-from-earth man-made object, is only a scant 17-light hours away? That's not very far in the grand scheme of things, but still way further than I could swim without cramping up and drowning. Now get out there and claim yourself a star! Just a heads up though: I got like four bought for me as birthday presents when I was a kid so those ones are off limits.

Thanks to PORKINS, who tried to claim the whole galaxy WHICH IS AGAINST THE RULES.

  • Grimm Warden


  • da1nonlysage

    Inaccurate but impressive. Does this have anything to do with the map NASA is putting together of our galaxy?

  • da1nonlysage 17 Ligh hours lol

    Website for those interested

  • Stygian

    sadface.jpg when I saw the orbits of all the planets are all circular. I can't fap to this.

  • Fercho Salinas

    Oh dear... This is mesmerizing

  • Kelly Albert

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  • ntgCleaner

    I think the more amazing thing about that site is that it has all been done in HTML5 CSS3. If you know programming, you know that's pretty damn amazing.

  • Sławomir Uchto

    Real-life 4X

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