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One Man Violin 'Game Of Thrones' Theme Cover


Because season three premiered last night and my roommate had a viewing party where a bunch of his jerkbag friends came over and completely disregarded how I'd carefully Sharpied my name on all my food in the refrigerator, this is a video of violinist Jason Yang one-man covering the Game of Thrones theme song. It was moving. Also moving: the Mexican food truck burrito that sounded like a great idea last night before bed. I seriously ran home at full speed begging God to not let me shit my pants again. He actually answered. Unfortunately, that answer was ''No."

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Sim, who went on a rant about how excited he was for the new season and how he has such high hopes for tons of bare boobs that truthfully made me feel uncomfortable.

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  • Aden Earnshaw this mix I think is even better

  • Laura Foy

    Agreed. Takes it from sea shantyish to epic.

  • Patricia Francisco

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