Officially Licensed Aperture Laboratories Brand Cake Mix

April 22, 2013


This is a box of Aperture Laboratories brand cake mix. Apparently it comes with everything you need to make the cake in the picture, except the cherries. Of course a bunch of people on Amazon gave it 1-star for being a lie (LOLOL -- you guys!), so who knows. I think it's just a $20 novelty box of cake mix. Which, as far as cake mixes go, is pretty steep. Back me up, Betty Crocker. "I'm even cheaper and better than she is." DUNCAN HINES YOU STAY OUT THIS. "Teeheeheeheehee." No laughing Doughboy, you're next.

Thanks to jjjeremiahz, who was never tempted by cake in the first place because he's a pie guy like me.

  • AaaronG

    What! no Alpha resin?

  • Gustav Magnarsson

    Needs more rhubarb and solid waste.

  • Um... Why buy this when the cake recipe is hidden throughout the first game? I've had the recipe for 2 years now... Still have yet to get around to actually making it though... My guess is people will buy it just for the box... I wonder if the cake recipe is the one from the game, or whether it's just a re-branded cake mix...?

  • Billy Rocka

    Is it low carb and or calorie free making it a "lie?"

  • Guest

    A novelty box of cake mix...hmm...

  • Apok

    It's a Lie I tell you!

  • Kimberly Parnell

    Jacė. I sėe what you Ṁėan... Luis`s st0rry is sōmėthing... lāst wėėk I boughṫ a gōrgėous Māzda sincė I bėėn bringin in $9356 this-pāsṫ/Ṁonṫh and ovėr $10k lasṫ-Ṁonṫh. with-ōut āny quėstiōn its the bėst-wōrḱ I have ėver had. I bėgań this fivė Ṁonṫhs/agō and ālmost sṫraight āway startėd brińgińg in Ṁinimųm $77... pėr/hr. I fōllow iństructiōns hėrė, . http://www.GoogleProjectsjob20...

  • Apok

    It is a lie!

  • Emmitt Morgans

    I'm going to guess this mix doesn't include anything fish-shaped... FAIL!

  • JJtoob

    Order now and get a box full of combustible lemons!

  • Brant_Alan

    I always thought the game cake looked like a bunch of coffee beans.

  • Proteon

    This is a triumph

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