Miniature Nintendo Cartridge Rings/Necklaces/Earrings

April 29, 2013


Want to wear miniature Nintendo cartridges on your fingers or eardangles? Well you're in luck, because Etsy seller ohmygeekness is selling just those ($16/ring $16/necklace $18/earrings). You can choose any Nintendo (or Game Boy, PS1, PS2, N64 or XBox 360) game ever made and either a grey or gold cartridge although if you choose a gold cartridge for a game that didn't originally come as a gold cartridge you will be ostracized from the geek community, never to show your face in public again. Eventually, rumors will flourish that there's an evil troll that lives in the mountains high above the village that comes down at night to steal goats. You will be that troll. I will be chosen as the fearless knight to come slay you. I'll lure you out of your cave with chicken nuggets, then, as you step into the light, I'll realize you're no troll at all, you're the person who f***ed up buying those Nintendo rings! But it will be too late, I already sworded you through the heart because I was scared.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of a Super Mario/Dunk Hunt ring and several different earrings.




Thanks to Catherine, who told me the last ring she wore made her finger turn green. Well maybe this one of these will make it purple.

  • Shan Rose

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    is smaller necklace and colored stone jewelry and Celtic jewelery.

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  • I will be chosen as the fearless knight to come slay you.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    Geek "Culture" is reaching critical mass.

    Soon we will all go back to being beat up by the high school jocks

  • Ryan Furlong

    I just bought a ring with the Legend of Zelda gold cartridge. Looks cool!

  • ODwanKenObi

    I would get a Kid Icarus one.

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