Man Builds Robot To Steal Soda From Vending Machines

April 26, 2013


This is a video of French Youtuber ioduremetallique demonstrating the remote controlled robot he built to steal soda cans out of vending machines. The design is pretty impressive and all, but I question dude's morals. Also, the cost vs. benefit analysis of building a robot to steal soda from a vending machine. Cost to build robot: $1,200, value of soda stolen to date: $4.50. Jesus, just rock the machine back and forth till it crushes you like a normal person.

Hit the jump for a video demo of the robot, but skip to 1:20 for the action to begin.

Thanks to Richie L, who doesn't need to steal sodas because he's richie.

  • DimondBack

    If Obongo had a son, it would design something that steals!
    Gibs Me Dat pop.

  • Travis Roberts

    stupit azz nigger.

  • Mighty Molecule

    builds a robot. steals coke zero. must be french.

  • $43624040

    Must be a n1gger.

  • FUall

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  • DimondBack

    The nagger and his muh dik.

  • $43624040

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  • FUall

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  • This guy is a genius for creating that very interesting robot. At a young age, this guy has what it takes to be the next Tony Stark, the Iron Man. LOL. -

  • DimondBack

    Obongo's son will be visiting Nagger University, for stealing other peoples stuff.

  • Anodos

    All my cyberpunk dreams are coming true.....

  • For what it cost him to build that gadget, he could have bought a LOT of soda.

  • What a dick. This will cost the next person double the price to get a can.

  • Seriously

    Of course its a black guy.

  • $43624040

    Leave it to a n1gger to develop something, and that something is to steal more stuff. Typical n1gger sh!t right here.

  • Dani

    This robot is Bender's ancestor.
    Won't work in USA though.

  • Proctor

    I bet it's not even fluent in over 6 millions forms of communication. Epic fail.

  • DimondBack

    It is fluent in ebonics!

  • disqus_cneYA1Cydq

    I seem to remember a Geekologie article about gold vending, vending machines in the UAE...

  • I just use a sledgehammer.

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