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How To: Put On A Condom With A Slingshot Gun


Nice vibrator, bro.

This is a video of Jörg Sprave demonstrating the condom-applying slingshot he developed to collect the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's $100,000 reward for a concept that will encourage greater condom use. It's really something. You ever been hit in the balls by a piece of rubber flying at 100MPH? I have, except it was a kickball. Listen folks: the key to greater condom use is all about getting people to change their morning routine. You brush your teeth, comb your hair, and put on a condom. If you need to go to the bathroom during the day just cut a little hole in the end, PROBLEM SOLVED. My girlfriend's expecting BTW (I suspect it's God's baby).

Hit the jump for the video. I want one.

Thanks to Ben I., who agrees there's no better idea to encourage condom use than mashing a weapon against your pecker and pulling the trigger.

There are Comments.
  • I hope it's all been well sanded.
    You wouldn't want to get a splinter.

  • Agreed. Wood should be used as a euphemism only.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.
  • tarotdona

    I think this is a better product for the ladies. "Oh you didn't bring any protection, don't worry I got some... " *pulls out condom pistol* Be a great test to see how desperate he is.

  • JJtoob

    Be a great test to see how crazy she is too ;P

  • Mamahu

    "You simply cock the gun"...classic !

  • Lauren Frank

    til I looked at the draft four $8048, I did not believe father in law actualey bringing home money part time at there computar.. there dads buddy has been doing this for only 14 months and just now cleard the morgage on their villa and purchased themselves a Saab 99 Turbo. this is where I went,

  • lordpikachu

    sex IS safer if your dick falls off

  • ODwanKenObi

    Or if it is shot off.

  • Jacques-André Langelier

    Next we will see an automated version of this gun in Porn industry for Gang bang matters

  • ODwanKenObi

    For a minute there I thought he won and bill gates was out of his mind. No sane man would want that anywhere near his peener.

  • Anodos

    I do......point taken.

  • You're coming home with me.

  • rjackparis

    Thats absolutely terrifying.

  • Closet Nerd

    Kind of brings this scene from Super Troopers to mind
    .....just sayin

  • Closet Nerd

    Just thinking about it hurts my balls, and makes me nauseated!!!!
    .....just sayin

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