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Canadian University Offers A 'Science Of Batman' Course


In further proof I picked the wrong f***ing major, the University of Victoria in British Columbia is offering a 'Science of Batman' course that explores the human body and it's adaptability though the life of Batman. No word if losing both parents at a young age is a prerequisite. And for the record, yes, this makes three Batman related posts in one day. It just sort of happened. It's like falling in love, you know? One minute you're infatuated with a friend's boobs, and the next you realize she's really smart and funny and stuff. Plus is willing to put up with you and do sexy stuff together. That's the purest kind of love. Man, I should make movies like The Notebook.

Thanks to Sergey, who signed up for the class hoping they get to take turns punching each other wearing Batsuits.

There are Comments.
  • They also have Lord of the Rings classes.

  • Thanatoslives

    Write it. I would watch that film.

  • Jessica Barnes

    Wwhaaat? I want to take this course!!!!

  • Bradley Bateman

    Canadian Universities rock. Mine has an Economics of Beer class.

  • Fuck Lena Dunham. GW, you are the voice of our generation. I've never seen a more accurate description of love in my life.

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