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Tis The Season: 8-Year Old Wins Marshmallow Peeps Diorama Contest With A Model Of The Solar System


Bonus points for still including Pluto.

This is 8-year old Elenor Clements posing with the marshmallow bunny solar system that earned her first prize in the Peep diorama kid's category and scored her a big box of candy and Peeps. You can't beat that deal. You also can't beat me in horseshoes -- my grandpa was the West Virginia state champion, so it's in my blood. Cooties too. You gotta remember to circle circle dot dot your shit up, kids.

One more shot of Elenor with an equal amount of not-smile after the jump.


Thanks to lydia, who promised me a cooties cure but then just gave me a titty twister.

There are Comments.
  • TheOtakuX

    I see nine planets. She should have failed.

  • Leo

    So she used a bunch of Peeps to build the diorama which won her a bunch of Peeps?

  • Shawn Bibby

    Her parents helped her.....!

  • Shyla James

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  • Scott Mercer

    I m glad she remembered Pluto

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