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Smart Thinking: Watch Some Spaz Trying To Protect His Car From Hail Damage With His Own Flailing Body


This is a video of some guy in Argentina trying to protect his car from hail damage by breast-stroking around on top of it. At some point a friend comes out with a rug to help but quickly realizes his buddy is a moron and retreats back inside for some hot cocoa and to troll for new friends on Facebook. Of course we're only assuming this guy is trying to protect his car from hail damage, he could just be on drugs and having the time of his life swimming on a stranger's car.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Darren, who protects his car from hail the medieval way: having the castle's wizard cast a force field over it.

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  • Eric Jackson

    No insurance company wants to know that you often get into accidents http://www.stopimpaireddriving...

  • Kevin Graves

    what about the hood and trunk lol

  • Imam Ali

    Wait....I am epileptic and when I use the word 'spazz' to describe something I often get told not to use that term because it might be insulting to many people.

  • Julio Lascano has become an internet bitch = Forever Alone

  • gdlin

    WOW I can't beleive this stupid guy made it to geekologie's "for your eyeballs" ! The car is a Citroën C4, and it's being said that the roof of the car ended with no damage at all, but I find it hard to beleive....
    Greetings from Argentina!

  • mooper50

    thats a maybach by the look of it. its more expensive than most people‘s houses. i would flail my body on top too.

  • Stéfan -

    Oh noes! Video has been removed, I wanted to see this!

  • The enbedded video wasn't working for me, but I found a working link here

  • Don't appreciate the use of the word 'Spaz'. there is no need to insult people with Cerebral Palsy, doesn't make the video any funnier. I love the site and know that its not usual like that!

  • Guest

    Probably did this right after his insurance policies were canceled and a few Four Lokos.

  • M0ng0smash

    Why does it say video removed due to copyright claim? Did the person who recorded it do that, or the the man in the video?

  • DeksamTorrac

    If he really cared about his car he wouldn't have bumped bumpers with the car behind it.
    Note to all others in same situation drive the car to a close shelter.

  • Guest

    If he really cared about his car he wouldn't have bumped bumpers the car behind it.
    Note to all others in same situation drive the car to a close shelter.

  • Syd

    Who the hell is Julio Lascano. Some Argentinian who feels he owns the internet?


  • I think the guy might really be this stupid. The video says it's blocked due to copyright claim. That sounds like the kind of thing a moron would do to keep a video of himself acting stupid, from getting passed around the internet.


    Hey, the video is down. I can't find it anywhere else either. Dag nabbit.

  • The video isn't available... :(

  • quatro

    The music totally makes this videos.

  • $18922249

    I wonder how the person filming didn't laugh...

  • Dark Matter


    That's probably not even his car, he's just high and thinks he's swimming.

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