LEGO Spill Shuts Down Highway Lane In West Virginia

March 4, 2013


Part of Interstate 79 was shut down in Harrison County, West Virginia yesterday afternoon after a mysterious LEGO spill obstructed one of the lanes. Go home Santa, you're drunk. When reached for comment, one local resident had this to say, "Hands down the most exciting thing to happen since deer hunting season."

Thanks to Chris, who lives right by where the spill took place, which is only 30-minutes from where I was born. You should take a pilgrimage to say what's up to my relatives and tell them to send me some pepperoni rolls.

  • colpetty

    FINE! I'll say it, it caused a road block

  • Jenny

    I'm so mad I missed the LEGO spill. I'm not far from there.

  • CheriDunston

    I would volunteer to sweep them up for free if I could have them. You can never have too many Legos!

  • balashi

    Clean-up went hours longer than expected because clean-up workers kept stopping to snap pieces together!

  • BeefSupreme

    and an entire population of grown up 12 year old's goes into a panic.

  • oranberry

    I would be out there cleaning this up just to add more to my collection

  • Luka Mlinar

    Lego man down!

  • Shawn Bibby

    Lemme at it, lemme lemme lemme!!!!

  • I'm from WV too. Damn I love pepperoni rolls!

  • KoMoDo64

    I would do that GW, but in the resulting trip there I'd have to eat the pepperoni rolls.
    Pepperoni rolls, it's why we lead the country in obesity!

  • Idlethoughts

    I blame the kid from "home alone".

  • pepperoni rolls > ambrosia

  • Codescriber

    We can rebuild him. We have the technology.

  • balashi

    You win!

  • Chris Martin

    I'm assuming it hurts cars as much as it hurts anyone else to step on those things.

  • Superior_Joe

    Well, let's just be glad it wasn't a transformers spill. They are the champion of making daddy say swears when he's walking in the house at dark.

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