He Looks Angry: Incredible Hulk Shaped Cloud

March 18, 2013


Seen here looking all majestic (in my mind there were angels singing), this is the Hulk shaped cloud spotted by Redditor Bartonnen's father. I'm not sure how long the green giant stood up there terrifying locals, but a skywriter missed a golden opportunity to add a 'HULK SMASH' above him (or just come flying through his chest like an alien baby). Could you defeat a cloud hulk? No. Could I? No. Could the two of us working together? Absolutely not, I hate teamwork. One time during a team-bulding exercise I was supposed to be the anchor in tug-o-war and I tripped everyone in front of me.

Thanks to my ex-friend Terry, who has a condition that only allows him to see pecker-shaped clouds.

  • amstrad

    Can't see shit captain !

  • Deksam

    The legs of this picture looks photoshopped, i mean the silver lining at its feet are illuminated despite the sun being blocked by it's very legs... hmmmm...

  • Tom

    Jesus GW...

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