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DIY 3-D Printed GlaDOS Robotic Arm Ceiling Lamp


Instructables user dragonator (damn yeah you are!) went and made himself a 3-D printed GlaDOS robotic arm ceiling lamp and decided to share his knowledge with us so we can ALL make our own GlaDOS robotic arm ceiling lamps. That was very selfless of him. I just finished building my GlaDOS over the weekend, and let me tell you: she wasted no time getting to the killing. Thankfully she took my roommate out first, which is both good and bad news because I really wanted to do it myself. Unfortunately she's after me now, which is why I've locked myself in a test chamber. "That's the bathroom." IT'S A TEST CHAMBER. One that ran out of toilet paper yesterday and has me on all fours using the showerhead like a bidet.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the finished product but check out the dragonator's Instructable page for all the info and supplies you'll need to make your own.



Thanks to Stacey and Nick, who hate it when you're getting dressed under a ceiling fan and jam your fingers in it when you're putting a shirt on. Right? That's why I always go topless.

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