Brain Power: A Timeline Of Stephen Hawking's Life

March 15, 2013


Note: The entire graphic is super long (but nowhere near as long as you, stud), so I posted it after the jump to not make the homepage a mile long.

This is an infographic/timeline of famed thinker Stephen Hawking's life. Fun fact: he was regarded as a good student -- but not great. Bonus fact: he was diagnosed with his disease in 1962 and only given two or three years to live. That was 51 years ago. I vote they fire those doctors if they're still practicing. Also, Stephen has three children and can get women pregnant WITH HIS MIND ALONE. Wear those tin-foil hats, ladies.

Hit the jump for the whole thing and pray it's inspirational enough for you to get out there and do something with your life. Didn't work for me though :(


Thanks to Pelfrey713, who mentioned he would be willing to sit in Stephen's lap to get a ride around in his chair. Ha, who wouldn't?

  • Hanks Jim

    no such thing as rowing to relieve borx, idts


    he is a genius! check out Sharon Draper`s Out of My Mind.


    just covered my whole history project

  • Lauren

    How did we go from, "He had two children with his wife by 27" to "He divorced his
    second wife." I know his love life isn’t the main topic in the timeline,
    but since it was mentioned I feel like it should be consistent to a point.

  • Paul

    Left out that he is also quake master!

  • da1nonlysage

    Sums up entire article- ONE BADASS BRAIN.

  • Corky McButterpants

    Could have sworn 'His passion was Math(s)'

    seeing how he's not 'merican...

  • Hanks Jim

    no such thing as math passionx, not about that, fools

  • How has he not won a Nobel Prize?

  • shawette

    Astrophysicists struggle to win the nobel price because their field is closely linked to mathematics.

  • Bonus fact: he was diagnosed with his disease in 1962 and only given two or three years to live. ... http://www.MillionaireProje...

  • James Shinevar

    Now I know he is supposed to be smart, but what has he really done for science, or is the whole scientific community just sorry for him?


    he has a disease, he survives it, he is a genius even though he has a disease. that is a pretty big accomplishment in its self.

  • It's rare that someone has the intellect to comprehend reality on the level of Einstein, let alone publish works that are accessible to a mainstream audience. And while he struggles with LG and survived almost an entire lifetime longer than he was told he would, you seem to be struggling with some low level ignorance. Go buy a book.

  • You obviously did not even read the timeline.

  • James Shinevar

    Oh I read it, he wrote some books, and was subsequently given some awards. I'm sure he's smart, but were his contributions really that great? If you think they were, feel free to tell me which ones?

  • Lars Söderberg

    The largest physics contribution he has done is to better understand how black holes work. It's quite a big deal actually. A type of radiation was named after him because of this; Hawking-radiation. He has done a lot of other stuff too though, both in physics and elsewhere, as can be seen in the image.

  • Vladeon

    Sure, he didn't invent some way for us to grow fat at a computer talking to posting information about ourselves to our "friends" or another diversion for us to block out the world and concentrate on our own enjoyment, or even an aesthetically pleasing mp3 player, but he was paramount to the way we view the world in ways that can't be explained easily or briefly on an internet board. If you're curious about whether his contributions were "really that great," then try and read a few of his books or even some books that compare the current worldview with that of the modern period so you can really see the changes. Believe it or not, he has touched the minds of nearly every person in the western world whether they know it or not.

  • v85rawdeal

    Not to mention sucking the 'Go Compare' man into a black hole...

  • Enough

    Don't forget about how he gets hookers nowadays...

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