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Alien Chestburster Carved From The End Of A Pencil


This is an Alien chestburster carved out of pencil lead by Hungarian DeviantARTist cerkahegyzo. It's not one of those giant pencils you used in kindergarten either, it's a regular one. Which reminds me -- in high school I carved mine and a girlfriend's initials into a tree trunk in the woods behind my house as a sign of our affection. Yeah, with a big heart around them and everything. Then when she broke up with me for someone else I CHOPPED THAT F***ER DOWN AND BURNT THE LOGS.

Hit the jump for another shot.


Thanks to my pal Terry, who's at the doctor's right now and said twice in a row another person came into an otherwise empty waiting room and sat down right beside him despite there being 12 empty chairs. I bet you smell good.

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  • Amina Bai Advany Maglajlić

    Are you sure? Those look like big pencils they're the size of the big sharpener hole.

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