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Those Lucky Kids: Nintendo Character Pancakes


This is a small series of Nintendo character pancakes created by batter expert Nathan Shields (of Star Trek, Hobbit and all these other crazy-ass pancakes fame) for his kids. Impressive work, Nathan, but I had a waffle at the bar yesterday morning. My buddy set up this whole DIY waffle station with syrup, whip cream, three different kinds of berries -- you name it. Then we all had ten shots of tequila and roasted a pig. They found me passed out in the bathroom twice before the Superbowl even started. GO REDSKINS.

Thanks to chelsey, who prefers her pancakes without faces.

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  • Shane Anderson

    6 Away from the original SSB playlist!

  • blech

    Again with the pancakes..... I hope your blog picks up soon cuzits been a total bore for the past few months.

  • wqwqw

    from reddit

  • chris

    THAT is how DK's face should have always looked

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