Takeru Kobeyashi Eats 12" Domino's Pizza In A Minute

February 12, 2013


This is a video of heavily decorated competitive eater Takeru Kobeyashi eating an entire 12" Domino's pizza in a minute at some bro-infested Superbowl party. Not bad, Takeru, but just a cheese pizza? I could have done with the same but with mushrooms and black olives. True story: one time I got a tuna salad sandwich from a gas station and was eating it on the drive home except apparently I wasn't chewing good enough and it got stuck in my throat like a ball of concrete and I puked violently out the window like a block from my house.

Hit the jump for a video and a bonus one of Kobeyashi losing a beer-chugging contest. Come on -- he's an eater, not a drinker!

Thanks to Sam the Slammer, who's either a pog or a professional wrestler.

  • @n0nym0uz

    the whole time all i could think was that that dude on the right needs to put his freakin' arm down...

  • Colby

    I think he Kobeyashi maru'd that one

  • I misread that as "12 domino's pizzas" and not "12 inch domino's pizza"

  • JMeyer47

    It's be great if after eating that pizza, he simultaneously projectile vomited on the douche bags while raising his beer can.

  • weepeel

    Only 1 person filming on their phone had it held in the correct position.

    Fight Vertical Video Syndrome!

  • I completely ignored the "inch" part of the title. Was freaking the FUCK out until I watched the video.

  • nancy

    Crappy angle! Here's a better one:


  • $5776594

    i hope they paid him enough money to have to endure that douchebaggery/racism.


    I was going to ask what part of that video was racist but then I watched the chugging video.

  • Closet Nerd

    Damn, I thought it was gonna be video of your Tuna surprise
    ..... just sayin

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