Man Builds Machine To Remove The Creme From OREOs

February 28, 2013


This is a video from OREO of physicist David Neevel demonstrating the Rube Goldberg looking machine he built to remove the creme from OREOs because he only likes the cookie part. WTF? Who doesn't like the creme? I'd buy triple-stuffed OREOs if they sold them but they don't so I buy double-stuffed ones and pull the tops off and stick the other halves together to make quadstackers. Oooooor just dump everything into a glass of milk until it's all soggy at the bottom and drink it. Mmmmmm, I know what I'm having for lunch today. Nothing, I forgot to bring one and left my wallet at home. *light bulb appears over head* I'll steal a coworker's!

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Adam and OREO Lover Evil Ares, who agree if you're gonna eat OREOs you should learn to appreciate the total package. I'm joking, who cares.

  • Geez'v

    honestly can't believe how most people commenting cannot fathom that this guy is being incredibly sarcastic and has made the machine more complex than it needs too be on purpose, the whole machine is defunct as you can do it by hand... which is the point!

  • quadstackers? i think the term is quadruplestuffs!

  • Danielle

    my hero! I dislike the cream as well, i usually just separate it i need someone to eat the half with the cream...

  • bob


  • Idlethoughts

    This in an abomination, truly mans hubris has finally gone too far.

  • Brando D. Commando


  • XDisk

    4 years? Twist it apart by hand and peel off the creme!

    I'm thinking his mother and father might have been brother and sister.

  • Althasil

    I think you misheard. He said 0.04 years.

  • Deksam

    This is very impressive... But if he had known what he was looking for, he would have seen it written on the back window of my van man.

  • Merpwood

    I question the reasoning for placing the cookie onto the first platform, only to have a robot arm move it a few inches away onto a different platform. Seems to me, one could just place the cookie onto the second platform at the start. Probably increasing overall efficiency by around 8%. Other than that, its a sound idea.

  • BlackNoise

    He only fucks with real niggas.

  • Kevin

    What a fuckin asshole.

  • MorningPanda

    ...out the center of oreos.

  • Shane Anderson

    I didn't know Jamie had a dislike for cookies. Too bad Adam didn't make a machine that put the cream right back in to mess with him,.

  • Charles Whelan

    I would have utilized a cutting string technique, but I didn't build anything, so I shouldn't complain...

  • Lauren

    I definitely prefer the cookies. I scrape the cream off and throw it in the trash! It tastes like fake icing to me.

  • yeah I just a knife and scrape it off.. Hahhaha

  • Jadis

    the time and effort involved to make this machine is ridiculous. It's so much faster and easier to twist them apart and peel off the cream. No, I don't like the cream either. That's why I don't buy them.

  • frypot

    Want OREOs now....

  • jimmy

    This looks like a Monty Python sketch

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