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I Want Her: Lily The Lionhead Bunny In A Wheelchair


This is a video of Lily the lionhead bunny (a domestic rabbit breed with a mane like a lion). Lily is currently looking for adoption from the North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary and has a special wheelchair she uses because SPOILER: her back legs were amputated because she had a broken back. Like, for real, it's not just clever trick to get adopted because who doesn't want a bunny on wheels? You know what else I want on wheels? A mini-fridge that I can push around the house so I never have to get up for a snack. "That's not actually a bad idea." Right? I'm not as dumb as I look -- people tell me that. Mostly my family. Thing is, we all look really similar.

Hit the jump for a cute-ass video of Lily in action.

Thanks to my pal Terry, whose gecko Ozwald doesn't need a wheelchair but wouldn't mind windshield wipers for his eyeballs so he doesn't have to lick them himself.

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  • Taiyaki

    If they really ripped the poor things back legs off for mere profit then, that's just fucking awful. However, if it being a cripple for the rest of it's furry days was what God intended all on his own then, bad luck, either way, it's definitely a cutey pie and is a brave little bun-bun! Carry on!

  • dada

    cant decide if this bunny looks like a little rat dog, or if little rat dog looks like this bunny

  • Melissa

    Who knew. You take a $20 bunny's back legs off, make a wheelchair, and sell them for $500 (that's how much i'd pay for this cutey pie).

  • dsadsad

    Don't you know these people rip their pets' legs off just because its the HOT thing right now to have pets in wheel chairs?!?!?!?! STOP THIS MADNESS!!!!

  • Ran-Die

    It's so cute!

  • Rick

    Some shots make it look like a really tiny scottish terrier.

  • The music that accompanies this video sounds like 70's porn music which is highly appropriate for a bunny.

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