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Guy Makes An Themed Online Resume


Note: This is only a portion of the resume, I posted a shot of the whole thing after the jump. Or you could just, I don't know, visit dude's website.

This is Philippe Dubost's online resume. It looks like an product page. That's because he -- you're never going to believe this -- designed it to look like an Amazon product page. Crazy when a plan comes together like that, isn't it? Because I designed an online resume to look like an eBay auction but it wound up looking like me watching Youtube videos for two hours, taking a nap, then peeing all over my roommate's toilet seat because he ate the last of my cottage cheese. Who eats another man's cottage cheese? A real sicko, that's who. "Who pees on another person's toilet seat for revenge?" I don't know, maybe somebody who UNDERSTANDS VIGILANTE JUSTICE. I swear, if this were a classroom environment you'd be failing for all the stupid questions you ask me.

Hit the button to see a picture of the whole damn thing if you're in the market for a web product manager (don't bother paying for 2-day shipping though).


Thanks to CaptinStabN, who got his name from the last time his crew tried to mutiny so I wouldn't suggest trying it again.

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  • Haaa, slikyyy!

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  • Annabelle Blanchet

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  • TimDak

    A pretty original concept for a CV, love it.
    Also, love the fact that he's French Canadians. Québécois FTW!

  • Mike Kalka

    Might be clever if it weren't so douchey.

  • 'Add to wedding registry'?

  • A pretty original concept for a C.V., love it.
    Also, love the fact that he's French Canadians. Québécois FTW!

  • Joe Ferschke

    This was on some other website like 2 months ago.

  • CaptinStabN

    Good for you. Thank you for your contribution to society.

  • Greg Kerekes

    37 one star reviews? Why would you give yourself so many?

  • Ramuran

    Lol the average ratings come out to 3.8 stars, he should have changed those numbers.

  • CerebralZombie

    Exactly, it makes him look like a douche. Well, he is one for that matter!

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