First Donkey Kong Level w/ Other Pop Culture Characters

February 27, 2013


This is a series of prints by artist BazNet reimagining the first Donkey Kong level with characters from other pop culture franchises. Stuff like Dr. Who, Alien Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Batman. They're all pretty good. Now not to brag or anything but I'm pretty good at the Donkey Kong arcade game. Not super, but I can make it to the second pie factory level pretty consistently. Anybody impressed? What if told you I also have the grand champion score on the local Twilight Zone pinball machine? Aww yeah, I can hear the pants dropping from here! That sounded like a shit-ton of dude's jeans.

Hit the jump for eight more.









Thanks to myself, for being such an all-star video gamer and always rescuing the little princess.

  • Totally thought the second-to-last one was Metroid at first, simply because of the Chozo-looking statue. Then I realized it was Prometheus. Talk about the complete opposite end of the quality spectrum.

    I'd have liked to see a Roger Rabbit one. Roger and Jessica tied at the top next to Judge Doom, Eddie jumping over weasels and rolling barrels of dip... ahh well.

  • Kenny

    Reminded me of King Of Kong, awesome movie.

  • Jon

    The top adventure time one was a Tshirt design on Teefury at one point. Just so people know incase they want to try and find it

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