Conceptual Darth Vader Meditation Chamber Fireplace

February 13, 2013


This is the conceptual Darth Vader meditation chamber fireplace designed by Dave Delisle. It can be opened and closed to adjust the room temperature or kept closed when not in use. Of course it can't REALLY do anything because it's just a computer rendering and not a real thing. Still, if they did exist they'd be the perfect place to burn little wooden effigies of everybody's favorite deadbeat dad. *rubbing hands together* Somebody throw another Vader on the fire, it's getting nipply in here. "Put a shirt on." THESE NIPS NEED TO BREATHE, BRO.

Thanks to Triple-J, who, OMG -- John Jacob Jingleheimer?! I thought you were just a children's song!

  • Yes I am impressed with this.

  • TheCheapGamer

    Not really worth posting, it's a computer generated (a bad one at that) graphic with no intention of becoming real. My paint drawing is coming at ya GW!

  • Matt


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