Coffee Mug With Modular Exterior For LEGO Building

February 12, 2013


Want to attach LEGO minifigs to your coffee cup? Superglue them. Ooooor buy this $20 Build-On Brick Cup from ThinkGeek. The mug can be used to attach LEGO, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, KRE-O, and K'NEX Bricks but isn't an official product from any of those companies, it just HAPPENS to work with them all. Me? I always drink out of the color-changing dinosaur mug I posted HERE. Or the Link one from the Nintendo Store that a friend sent me (thanks Jackie!). I'm sorry, but LEGO bricks, like the urine of a disgruntled coworker, have no place in my coffee. "Well you're not supposed to eat them." Sure, and passive-aggressive coworkers aren't supposed to pee in the coffee pot either, but it happens (I keep my own K-cup machine locked in a desk drawer).

Hit the jump for two more shots of the mug including one with wheels. Hell yeah, roll off my desk and spill everywhere!



Thanks to Carmen, who drinks coffee the traditional way: out of the skull of an enemy. Are, uh, are you sure that's traditional? Because it sounds like part of a cult ritual.

  • I want to love it, but it looks pretty brutal to drink from. This would be better in plastic (or stainless steel) with Lego attachment only on the sides, away from lips.

  • I'll stick with my Cyberman mug.

  • ...You're supposed to drink out of THAT?

  • Idlethoughts

    I see no problem with this.

  • Just for starters, think of all the residue of coffee, tea & whatnot that's gonna end up in the orifices that come in contact with your mouth.

  • Idlethoughts

    I repeat myself and add what atheistgirl said.

  • Idlethoughts

    Actually to elaborate(by which I mean rant);

    First, notice how the connection bumps and holes are all on the outside. If I were to spill liquid on any mug's exterior I would normally wipe it off, and if it was not water, wash it before using it again, because I don't like touching sticky things. So in that regard nothing has changed.

    Second, I've played with lego since childhood, and you know what happened when you got a flat block stuck to a piece so you couldn't get at the edges or just didn't have long enough nails at the moment? You used your God damned teeth. Because you were a child and they are some of the most versatile tools known to man, also you probably didn't discover the existence of block separators until years later, if they even existed when you were a kid.

    Now most people grew up and learn not to put things in their mouths, I did as well, but I also learned a better lesson: Cooties don't exist; bacteria do, but they're literally everywhere and usually not horrible for you if they're not from sick people or if your not washing your hands/ making a habit of deliberately putting things in your mouth which are probably dirty. So generally just wash stuff and don't leave it out in the open before eating it, and you will be fine.

    Incase you didn't want to read my rant, let me rephrase that more concisely ;
    1. Clean your cups regularly.
    2. I don't care much about mouths indirectly touching legos every now and then, it's a little nostalgic actually.
    And also, "We all eat a handful of dirt before we die... Who cares if it tastes like [coffee]?" -Tom Siddell

  • Then you wash it.

  • WANT!

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