Game Changer: Hasbro Is Replacing A Monopoly Piece

January 11, 2013


In terrifically boring news, Hasbro has decided to replace one of Monopoly's game pieces with a new one and YOU get to vote which old one gets the boot(!) and which one new one takes its place. These are exciting times we live in!

"The tokens are one of the most iconic parts of the Monopoly game and we know that people are emotionally tied to their favorite one," Eric Nyman, senior vice president and global brand leader for Hasbro told the Daily Mail. "When we decided to replace one of the tokens in the game, we knew we had to involve our fans in the process. We can't wait to see which iconic piece will 'go to jail' and which new token the fans will choose to become part of one of the world's most popular games."

I always play at the top hat because I am a FANCY DUDE. "You have dried spaghetti on your shirt." I know, it's from a really fancy restaurant I just went to. "You're wearing the Chef Boyardee label on your shirt like a name tag." That IS my name tag, I'm hosting a charity ball later. "You're lying." If I'm lying I'm dying! *clutches chest, collapses to floor* Jk jk, I'm not really dead. Nice shoes.

Thanks to Deathheart, who has the kind of name you don't expect to be sending you tips about Monopoly.

  • Idlethoughts

    I find it hilarious that as silly as this is we really don't seem to have a consensus on which piece we like the least, well played hasbro, well played.

  • dx_xb

    "The tokens are one of the most iconic parts of the Monopoly game" and therefore we're going to scrap one. The fuck? Marketing gimmick aside, couldn't they have just held a vote to add a token?

  • Lee

    Its obvious that they're gonna scrap the well made dog and replace it with that crappy helicopter.
    Less Details = Easier to mass Produce... and sell at TWICE the price

  • lyncati

    At least I can sleep safe at night knowing my piece will be safe no matter what. LONG LIVE THE PUPPY DOG!!!!!

  • Geigh

    Fuck you, thimble.

  • ray

    Whaaat? I always play iron, ships obviously the one to go.

  • asdfadsfadfs

    ship is the best one

  • Guest

    I boot the boot and root for the robot.

    If nobody like the pieces, we use small action figures in these kind of board games. "I call Batman!"

  • JMeyer47

    Chuck the chukka. The robot wins. I will call it Skynet.

    GW should lobby for a dino.

  • Jeremy Tilton

    Fuck the iron. Long live the car!

  • barrett daniel

    This is the internet, obviously the cat is going to win.

  • This is easy. Get rid of the iron

  • AdvancePlays

    That iron's too snazzy to get rid of, you utter disgrace. The ship is the clear answer.

  • The boot should get the boot. Hands down the Robot wins. It's inevitable GW. The machines are taking over. Can't you see the sinister plot afoot?

  • dang

    *flips board* I DONT LIKE IT

  • Miguel Spain

    Don't get rid of the thimble!!!! I always put the hat on it, and its the best piece(s) ever!

  • APEV

    ah. I see you're a fan of Thimbiana Jones

  • dang


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