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Wow: Toy Story Recreated Shot-For-Shot With Real Toys


This is a full-length remake of the original Toy Story shot scene-by-scene using real toys by Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrottato over the past two and a half years. some serious commitment. I don't know if I've ever stuck with any personal project that long. Unless drinking counts, in which case I have like ten years on these guys. "You have a problem." Yeah, it's called DEDICATION. You should look it up sometime, a lot of winners have it.

Hit the jump and then piss away an hour and twenty minutes at work today watching the whole thing.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in but I'm sorry, you're gonna have to send me something a little rarer if you want me to call you out by name.

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  • I watched the whole movie. They pretty much nailed it. Good job. Looking forward to Toy Story 2 &3.

  • JJtoob

    Son, I am impress.

  • Leo

    This made me sad

  • jimmy

    Did he also recreate the house that the movie is set in?

  • Brandon

    The guy lives in the house it was based on.

  • JCB5150

    My mom is going to love this link!

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