UFC Fighter Roundhouse Kicking Eggs In Slow Motion

January 11, 2013


Because it's Friday, and this is the internet, here's a video of MMA fighter Anthony Pettis roundhouse kicking some raw eggs in slow motion. You tell those eggs, Anthony! "Tell them what?" That the chicken came first, silly!

Hit the jump for the video AND IMAGINE THOSE ARE YOUR NUTS.

Thanks to Joseph, who agrees they should redo the shoot with watermelons. Cantaloupes at least.

  • AshesToDust

    Hmm. Very good. But Egg not hit back.
    Create a new video and throw some bricks and let's see him roadhouse, I mean, roundhouse those.

  • klupduck

    His grandmother just retired from my child care center! There was a poster of him in the room with the newborn to 6-mos children. He used to come and roundhouse the co-dependent parents for us. Well, that part I just wished. I do know the egg got off easy.

  • GizmoDuck

    Never Back Down


    Not slow motion enough for my tastes.

  • JJtoob

    GW don't be sexist, you can imagine they are your testicles, ooooor chesticles, whichever the case.

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