Pirate Eyepatch For Cars With A Burnt Out Headlight

January 8, 2013


This is the Healight Patch from Carmichael Collective. It covers a car's burnt out headlight with a badass piece of pirate flair. Clever, but a cop will still pull you over. Come on officer, you have to admit the eyepatch is pretty funny! "You were driving on the sidewalk." But my copilot said I could! "And who might that be?" Jesus -- Jesus is my copilot. Okay now he's telling me to stomp on the gas and leave you in a cloud of dust.

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures.



Thanks to PYY, who told me if you see a car with a burnt out headlight you yell PADIDDLE and get to kiss anyone in the car that you want. But if it turns out to be a motorcycle you get kicked out at the next red light and have to walk home.

  • Strolski

    All Terrain T/A's on that Biotch!!!

  • Simon Hodson

    Also covers the turn indicator as well, what kind of fuckwit would drive with one of these on.

  • I love your blog! It makes my day

  • GizmoDuck


  • Ollie Williams

    Or, you know, you could buy a fucking headlight instead.

  • That would give you a ticket even during daylight.

  • Lee

    But the eyelashes on the headlights wont?

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