Man Sits In Glass Box While Polar Bear Tries To Eat Him

January 8, 2013


I didn't touch your porridge, I swear!

This is a video of filmmaker Gordon Buchanan sitting in a little plexiglass box while an 8-foot, half ton polar bear tries to find its way in to maul and eat him. Come on, you could have at least loosened some of the bolts to give it a fighting chance. Buchanan says it was the scariest 40-minutes of his life, although in the footage he seems surprisingly calm. I dunno, maybe Gordon just hasn't gotten very scared in the past. Because if you filmed the scariest 40-minutes of my life there would be shit EVERYWHERE. Like a septic tank exploded, if every time a septic tank exploded it cried and begged for its mom.

Hit the jump for another shot and a video of the last thing a seal ever sees.


Thanks to Bri, who once sat in little glass box while a turtle slowly circled her hoping for a piece of lettuce. I would have fainted!

  • SleepingStars

    Mmmm delicious canned human

  • Ed

    Several days later the polar bear died as a result of having spent all its precious energy being confused by this "film maker's" prank, instead of hunting for actual food which is incredibly scarce in our warming world. Congrats flim maker, you sure showed her.

  • Jadis

    he's so calm when the bear starts rocking the structure. I don't think I would have been that calm. But I also would have HAD TO touch the toes and/or nose when it poked through. I mean, how often do you get to touch a polar bear, eh?!

  • Donnie Duncanson

    This is actually Cambuslang in Scotland and that is not a polar bear - it's a Scottish Lass in a fur coat... rough neck of the woods there...

  • Ninja_Cricket

    I kept waiting for him to say "Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin".

  • This is so darn lame, he sits in his big fat cage, and makes out like its so dangerous, lame.

  • Girgear

    How about a Zorb version of that cage? You can troll the bear by rolling away.

  • Davo555

    Lame. Indiana Jones sat in a fridge while a nuclear bomb went off nearby.

  • That's one brave man! I would have been a little concerned about the integrity of said protective structure.

  • asdfadsf

    why they obviously tested it. it probably can stand up to a truck parked on it or something lol

  • Lee

    Tested? I guess it isnt animal cruelty putting a seal in there to lure a bear to try, must have stank though of the seal shitting itself scared.

  • Guest

    maybe they put the bear on the inside, he couldn't get out so he couldn't get in. like filling the hull to make sure a boat is watertight

  • GizmoDuck


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