I Needed That: Two And A Half Minutes Of Segway Fails

January 22, 2013


This is a video compilation of people sucking at riding Segways. This little girl here ran into a wall and then proceeded to run herself over. I imagine she cried after that. Not because it hurt, but because that's like, REALLY embarrassing. If I ever got run over by own Segway I'd probably never show my face in public again. "You shouldn't anyways." Is my face really that bad? "Let's just say there should be a court order that you have to wear a bag over it." Wow -- paper or plastic? "Plastic, definitely." Good call, I'll cinch it real tight around my neck and pretend it's a space helmet.

Hit the jump and sit back, relax, and be glad you aren't any of these people.

Thanks to Clark, who told me he went on a Segway tour once and they made him wear a helmet but he didn't buckle it because he didn't want to look TOO goofy.

  • Love this 2 minutes of fun on a Segway! Look at www.segwaygibbon.com for our city tour on a Segway in Thailand.

  • pp

    Its a good job all those fat fuckers have a sedgeway, Great way to loose all that Mc donalds Flabbbbb

  • John

    This is too much LOL for me XD :L :L

  • Ana

    Ahahha @ 0:18 the guy runs for the segway, not the kid :)))

  • $18922249

    I love how as soon as the balance is thrown off, these things become possessed leg breaking devices.

  • liu aries

    This stuff proves that srgway always have the advanced

    space, tires is a necessary parts of the

    segway,it adjust to the balance of human body.

  • Axin

    I think the main issue with the people riding these is they were told you can't tip the fucker. It's not the segway that is going to fall or fuck up it's you, dumbass.

  • CrankVonk

    lol, thats jsut like way too funny dude.


  • lakawak

    Really? Still using the word "fail" as a noun in 2013? No wonder you are social outcasts who will never know what sex feels like.

  • Evangelos

    If someone is a virgin social outcast, I don't think using "fail" as a noun is their only (or even most pressing) problem.

  • JJtoob

    Haha, people trying to do tricks like it's an extreme sport. Yeah... extremely stupid!

  • I would have gone with White and Nerdy for this one. They see me roll on my segway.

  • I am just wondering... which one of u mof actuelly walk

  • Proctor

    The funniest bit is where the guy falls off the wheelie-thing.

  • Bubbubsky

    There's a reason G.O.B. used one. It's a tool for douches.

  • kgelner
  • Lucho Hildebrandt

    I'd say they deserve it for being too lazy and not using their own legs to walk... but they'd probably just trip on them too...

  • Matthew Little

    No, I agree with you Lucho. This isn't the same as driving a car. This is replacing walking. If you have terrible knees or something, fine. But if your legs function fine and you're on a segway you're being lazy. You can't run 60 miles to work, but you can walk down the road just fine.

    That said, it's a free country (mostly). Let people be lazy if they want. Let them fall too. Let them ride like the doughy wind.

  • Idlethoughts

    Interstate traveling must really be a bitch for you, seeing as you apparently would do it on foot to avoid being "lazy" by driving a car.

  • Antony

    Have you tried Segway? Because if you have, and if you use it properly, you would love it. Of course, I still walk, but Segway gives you a different kind of freedom. That explains why some people prefer riding motorcycle, as opposed to driving a car.

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