Counter-Surveillance Stealth Wear To Avoid Detection

January 15, 2013


Stealth Wear is a line of counter-surveillance clothing designed by Adam Harvey to help avoid detection by the government or whoever the hell else might be hunting you down. The Illuminati? Probably not, you're not that important. A jilted ex-girlfriend MAYBE, but don't kid yourself, she's probably already moved on to a dude with nicer privates. "Ouch." The truth hurts, brobro! The goods:

The anti-drone hoodie and anti-drone scarf: garments designed to thwart thermal imaging, a technology used widely by UAVs.

The XX-shirt: a x-ray shielding print in the shape of a heart, that protects your heart from x-ray radiation

And the Off Pocket: an anti-phone accessory that allows you to instantly zero out your phone's signal

Listen: if you have a drone after you, I'm not sure now's the time to go shopping for a new anti-thermal imaging wardrobe. And if you know IN ADVANCE there might be a drone after you in the near future, well, you're probably James Bond and should just ask Q for whatever you need. Oooh -- and tell him I need something to help unclasp those tricky little hooks that hold a girl's bra on. By the time I finally get them undone the girl's already back from the bathroom and catches me wearing the f***ing thing.

Thanks to Brucie, who hides the old fashioned way: in plain sight wearing a fake beard and mustache. Classic!

  • James Reynolds

    This looks like an effective new way for someone to conduct counter surveillance and protect their right to privacy. There are a few other methods that one can apply in order to ensure their privacy, and these include: a wiretap or bug detector, a white noise generator, and your own surveillance camera system. I think a citizen's right to privacy is one that should not be taken away for any reason.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    but....I still see him

  • jimmy

    Aren't we missing the point entirely here? If you need to wear something like this then you are a criminal and need to be caught. This seller is clearly supporting crime/terrorism.

  • Idlethoughts

    I'm also selling tin foil hats if anyone's interested.

  • anon

    ok, then the police ask you to take off the hoodie. nice try faggots.

  • if the police are standing in front of you telling you to take your hoodie off, then you let them get too close

  • JimmyThr

    That moment you realize your target consumer are paranoid people, and start fearing them to think it's a double bluff

  • luxlucetintenebris

    If someone wants you dead bad enough that they'll send a drone after you that clothing really really isn't going to help at all, they're just trying to make a quick buck off peoples paranoia!

  • police also use a variety of optics to track people. Likewise, they can also use your cellphone to track you.

    While the drone is (currently) not really something those of us in the states have to worry about, there are some people that may want to hide from the police.

  • Anodos

    Actually, i heard that they put an isotope in the clothes, so they can be always spotted whereever they are.

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