You Lucky Dog!: Bird Gets His Own Steerable Buggy

December 10, 2012


Because flying takes energy and now even the birds are getting lazy (or he has his wings clipped), here's a video of Pepper the African Grey cruising around on the Bird Buggy, a little car he can control with his beak. The buggy was built by the bird's engineer owner to keep him busy (and quiet) during the day and features sensors to prevent Pepper from ramming himself into walls (I love doing that) and a webcam that allows the buggy to locate its docking station. Personally, I would fly everywhere if I could. Just spread my wings and soar, you know? "You would fly straight into a bay window and break your neck." Hell yeah -- SCAR SOME KIDS FOR LIFE.

Hit the jump for a video.

Thanks to my brother SuperFrank, who was clearly dipped out of a deeper end of the gene pool than I was. "You were dipped out of a filter." DAMMIT FRANK. The truth hurts.

  • JJtoob

    Science! Also, I never had my own Hot Wheels when I was a kid :(

  • Kevin

    Cool idea for a paralyzed dog or cat, but for a creature that can fly? PS Does it even know it's moving itself or is it too busy trying to chew off the joystick to realize it's actually driving the thing?

  • John Lee

    I was curious about the same thing, did he teach it to steer?

  • So cute.

  • Sylvain Gagn√©

    Simply genius!

  • Lee

    Was that music from Short Circuit at 2:48???
    Nifty design btw

  • This is a really cute design and well programmed. It would of been funnier if a hawk named Steve was on there. :D

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