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Which Way Is Up?: A Magnetic Rube Goldberg Machine


This is a minute long Rube Goldberg machine based on magnetism and gravity. It was pretty good and you should watch it. If you don't like it I'll let you hit me as hard as you can *pulling up shirt* IN MY ROCK-HARD ABS. "Wow GW, have you been working out?" No, but I have been printing out pictures of abs and gluing the to my stomach. I gave myself tits once too!

Hit the jump for the MIME-BLOWING VIDEO (mime-blowing is the new mind-blowing btw).

Thanks to PYY, who informed me the key to breaking the law of gravity IS HOVERBOARDS.

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  • Louis Cayle McKernan

    I lol guess I could click the how it's made video

  • Louis Cayle McKernan

    I was really wanting to see a behind the scenes. I'm trying to figure out the little white spheres. Electrostatic?

  • Girgear

    For some reason I was kinda expecting Super Mario castle fireworks at the end of 0:26.

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