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USS Enterprise, X-Wing Fighter Made Of Computer Parts


These are USS Enterprise and X-Wing fighter sculptures made out of old computer parts by by Etsy seller Shankalonian. You know, there's a term for making stuff like this out of older, more useless stuff, but I forget what it is. "It's called upcycling." It's on the tip of my tongue, I just can't think of it right now. "Upcycling, GW." It's like recycling, but different. "UPCYCLING." I guess it's just not going to come to me. "IT'S CALLED UPCYCLING YOU IDIOT MORON." Haha -- I'm making you go craaaaazzzy.

Hit the jump for another shot of the Enterprise and the X-Wing.






Thanks to Nick and scaldara, who don't make anything out of old computer parts but really crappy computers.

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    N E X T!!!!! omg omg omg I'm second yay wow what a relief that I managed to click here before anyone else did just to scroll to the bottom of the page and comment before reading anything about the article YAY!!!!!!!

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