Not A Bad Idea: Conceptual Bracelet Keys

December 13, 2012


These are the conceptual Bracelet KEYS designed by Kim Ji Soo, Kim Jeongmin and Chung Boogun. They're bracelets with a key on one end. Not a bad idea. I mean, as long as you can still provide enough torque to twist the thing. For a person like me, it'll never work though. I'll go out, get trashed, come back home, not be able to find my keys (even though they're on my wrist -- probably labeled KEYS in Sharpie), and pass out in front of the apartment door. No lie, one time I came home and couldn't find my keys EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE STILL IN THE DOOR FROM WHEN I LEFT. "You have a problem." Sooooooo many problems.

Hit the jump for one more shot.


Thanks to V, who agrees it's going to take a whole lot of bracelets to carry all the keys a janitor needs. Jealous!

  • Cristina Sievert Radam- Purgan

    I need one when I walk the dog. I usually have no pockets or waist purse bec I want to run light and just hold the leash. This bracelet key is perfect for me! I want to get a couple of this right now!
    I hope it comes out in the market soon.
    It should be waterproof so it can be used in the pool too!

  • This bracelet conceptual turn you’re key to the fashion item. If you have experience in the loss of your key before you know it can lead to embarrassment and inconvenience and financial cost to replace the lock. It was a simple design of this product enables you to wear your key comfortably on the wrist.

  • ZomBBombeR

    I'd try it out.

  • Xaghce

    they have had bracelets very similar to that for YEEARRSS. You wear them at the public bath houses so u dont loose your locker key while ur bathing

  • Lee

    Put it on Kickstarter!!! Id personally like to be one of the first supporters. As it stands right now I wear my key for my padlock alongside my necklace charm when I go to the gym/pool.

  • n_a_a_s

    lol GW, happens to the best of us ;)

  • Stylish and functional bracelets. I do wonder if the keys are interchangeable?

  • John Lee

    I wonder if the bracelet part is thick enough for a person to turn and strong enough to hold the key without losing the tip into the lock.

  • zatoichi

    Bracelet needs to be circular. Key needs to be straight. Yep, good idea here...

  • Bracelets don't have to be circular. I have square bracelets, and triangle ones too.

  • zatoichi

    Ohmygod really? What kind of barrettes do you have?!?!

  • Mmm! Taste the sarcasm!

  • John Lee

    I'm a man too, so bracelets come in other shapes? But wrists usually only come in round shapes, how do you wear them? Is it like "hole in the wall" when you get dressed?

  • They already have a version of this for handcuff keys.

  • John Lee

    Huh? The handcuffs are the keys? How would you ever get them open?

  • ok now say all the designers names 3 times fast!

  • ZomBBombeR

    Christ I can't even say them all together one time fast.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy
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