BURN THE VILLAGE: Disney Flies A Fire-Breathing Dragon Over Beast's Castle To Celebrate New Park Expansion

December 10, 2012


To celebrate the New Fantasyland expansion at Disney World, the park created and flew a giant fire-breathing dragon over Beast's castle (part of the new attractions) in a one-night only special performance. REALITY SPOILER: The dragon is actually a manned parawing (pictures after the jump of the dragon flying during the day) but they hide its parachute by using a spotlight to only light the dragon hanging below. Man, flying that thing would be a cool job. Especially if you could do fire-breathing raids down Main Street. "They would never allow that." But if you could.

Hit the jump for two shots of the dragon without its skin during the day, and a video of the thing flying over the castle at night.



Thanks to robmc, who agrees its all fun and games until a REAL fire-breathing dragon shows up and starts setting people on fire. It's like the boy who cried wolf.

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