Cat With Portal Eyes Up For Adoption

December 21, 2012


This is Bristol, a healthy two year old stray with Portal eyes up for adoption by the Wake County Animal Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. Some @$$holes painted her. This is the only picture of her, but be careful looking through the other adoption photos unless you're looking for a good cry because they quickly turned into that Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial. *sobbing* I WANT THEM ALL.

Thanks to Matthew, who agrees rescue pets are the best pets. Rocks? Lousy pets.

  • Timothy Johnson

    I have 3 rescue cats... Any more and I'll have to build an ark.

  • RJ

    i love a pink pussy

  • Guest

    Cake would be an appropriate name wouldn't it? Really adorable cat.

  • meh

    pound peeps!!!

  • Sam Smythe

    A wild Espeon appears

  • KoMoDo64

    The cat is a LIE!

  • GameOfScones

    Cat has to be called Glados

  • Bubbubsky

    Whoever painted this poor animal should be staplegunned to a wall.

    I'd adopt this cat in a heartbeat.

  • Bunnii

    It wasn't painted, I assume it was dyed. And if they used animal safe dye, then it's as harmless as giving them a bath with animal shampoo. Calm down son.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    you have to admit...that's a pretty cool paint job

  • it's animal abuse, you idiot!

  • honestyalways

    Is it really? I've seen dyes specifically branded for cats. Provided it is non toxic, what is the issue? Though personally, i wouldn't dye my cat.

  • Carissa Lynn van Raak

    it's just unnecessary, those "cat dyes" shouldn't even exist.. animals aren't accessories. It's vain and selfish. Unless the animal can give permission (obviously that will never be possible) then it's fur and everything else should be left in it's already beautiful natural state. Not trying to bitch about it, just stating why it can be considered abuse.

  • honestyalways

    ok, i can get behind the consent thing. Well except for the fact that they cannot consent to anything really. Is a cat consenting to being pet if it just stands there and doesn't run away? If so then what if the cat doesn't run when you go to dye it? Is that consent to the dye job? Now, i have a gorgeous 9lb 10 month old Maine Coon. She is grey and orange and white. I would never dye her fur. It's to fluffy anyway, even if i wanted to i'm not sure dyeing the fur of a 9 pound long hair cat is a wise idea. I honestly dont see anything wrong with dying your cat unless you have to hold it down for long periods of time to do so. And of course you must you non toxic dyes. It's more humane than piercing your infants ears.

  • Misanthrope


  • Ryan Furlong

    Now you're thinking with cuteness


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