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Bookstore Stacks Hobbit/LOTR Boxed Sets Into Barad-Dûr


This is shot from some bookstore that decided to pay an employee to stack a bunch of Hobbit/LOTR boxed sets into Barad-Dûr. It kind of looks like a safety hazard to me though, which is why I have every intention of pulling one from the bottom of the tower, getting buried under the entire pile, then suing Barnes and Noble's pants off. I heard he has a bookmark for a penis!

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who goes and reads books on the couch without telling me so I'm left instant messaging an unmanned computer before realizing he's abandoned me again.

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  • shmalzers

    This is definitely a Chapters or Indigo in Canada. I recognize the signage.

  • Anodos

    I remember buying the box set when i was younger. I bought it because it had a cool cover, actually. Had no idea what Lord of the Rings was.

  • Taylor Love

    scroll up and down and it looks like its twisting!

  • The Hobbit Fever is spreading.
    *looks again @ sculpture*...aww they have a widdle Golumn guy up there, I wanna buy that doll. omg!!! I'm infected!

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