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'A Christmas Story' Inspired Star Wars Droid Leg Lamp


So Christmas is over and people are already back to being their regular jerkbag selves, but before I put Santa to bed here's the R2-D2/C-3PO lamp built by artist Gordon Tarpley that was inspired by the sexy lady leg lamp in A Christmas Story. Never seen A Christmas Story? Join the club. I've tried to watch it several times but I always get distracted. I seriously have the attention span.... "Of what?" Huh? "You were saying something about your attention span?" Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who I hope had a wonderful Christmas but only has a mediocre New Years.

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  • WilsBadKarma

    I wonder if its from France?

  • Bobby Jones

    Is that CM Punk?

  • Kevin

    Now that's a major award!

  • You're not missing much by not seeing A Christmas Story. It's a vastly over-rated bore of a flick.

  • Matticus Morgan

    do want

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