Because Who Needs Shoes?: Hobbit Feet Socks

November 28, 2012


PROTIP: You can wear toe socks with flip flops.

This is a pair of $10 hobbit feet socks from J!NX. At first I thought they were just squiggly pattern socks, but apparently that's supposed to be hair. You learn something new every day. Yesterday I learned not to write, 'EAT ME, COPPERS!" in the frost on the back window of my car. Want some hobbit socks but are on a budget? Here's what you do: stand up in the shower, superglue the tops of your feet, and shave your pubes. BOOM -- just saved you $10. Stay tuned for extreme couponing tips.

Thanks to liza, but probably not the one from my Algebra II class in high school. A different one.

  • James Cash

    Those remind me of

    . I have seen both good and bad pairs of the hobbit socks. I prefer the slippers because they are more comfortable and functional.

  • ZomBBombeR

    I could care less about the actual socks themselves I just had to say that bit about the super-glue and and shaving was fucking awesome, funny. Looking foreward to the couponing tips lol.

  • Gee, those are awful.
    Why, in the world, would I want it to look like I've got hairy feet?
    Plus I'm tall so I'd look ridiculous as a hobbit (or an oompa-Loompa, but, when I was at school, would my English teacher listen when she made the class do a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Noooo!)

  • ZomBBombeR

    pfft, teachers never listen though.

  • Pyrblaze

    They should make socks with a square cut on the top, so my real Hobbit feet can shine through! (Yes shine... I use conditioner on my feet)

  • ZomBBombeR


  • n_a_a_s

    hobbits feet are big & fuzzy like GWs hair after waking up in the morning, those are just toe socks that have the word hobbit on them :/

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