That's Actually Not That Bad: A TARDIS Refrigerator

November 14, 2012


Now with 80-million cubic feet of storage space!

Because Whovians are by nature crazy people, they'll try to turn anything into a TARDIS. Some turn out good, many turn out bad/sad. This fridge is actually one of the better things I've seen TARDed. My little sister's lunchbox? Not my best work, but I think she'll grow to appreciate it. *giving noogie* Won't you, Becky? "You were supposed to drive me to school over an hour ago." Haha, is it, uh, is it not Saturday? I was wondering what happened to my cartoons.

Thanks to Blake, who painted his fridge to look like the wall so his roommates would stop eating all his food. That...sounds like a genius idea -- how's it working out for you?!

  • This is my refrigerator. Yes, the ice/water dispenser is behind the little phone door, and it makes the whooshy sound when the doors open! It's a vinyl print for the door, with a stiffened panel for the phone door to open. It has a "cap" on the top with the sign and the light and a sound module. It's very fun! I'm making kits for christmas.

  • Julian

    I'm replacing my fridge soon and wondered what model this fridge is?

  • Someone should describe how they did this so I can replicate it, I have the same fridge basically...

  • The only problem is that now the fridge is so big you'll never be able to find anything.
    There will be so much stuff going bad in there that pretty soon you'd have your own alien life forms. Yuck!

  • JMS

    Looks like the small panel door with the sign on the left side actually opens. I'm guessing the ice/water dispenser is behind. NICE.

  • garbagedick

    "My first wife, was 'tarded... she's a pilot now"

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