Scientists Create Pet Fish That Glow All The Time

November 14, 2012


Ahahahaha, I try to make out with my reflection too! Especially in those shiny office building windows where you know there's somebody on the other side. I make people's lunch breaks FANTASTIC.

Because this is what the world has come to, scientists from the National Taiwan Ocean University and a private biotech company have successfully engineered angel fish that display bioluminescence all the time and will glow in the dark all the time without the need for a black light. OMG, your dorm room is going to be off the chains! The fish appear bright pink under normal light (see picture after the jump), and glow this purplish-blue when it gets dark. Also when it gets dark? I turn into a werewolf. AR-AR-AROOOOOOOOO! "No, you're just a very hairy naked man." *wink* I'm an exhibitionist. "What's up with the dog collar and leash?" Haha, that's for another fetish. Take me for a walk?

Hit the jump for a shot of the fish under regular light.


Thanks to cancan, who agrees they should bioengineer fish that don't jump out of the tank when you're five years old so you find them dried up on your bedroom carpet. *sobbing* I need a minute.

  • Kelly

    I want a few of them.

  • CerebralZombie

    "Hit Jump"

  • Hopefully sometime in the future there will be literal neon fish.

  • tayatayat

    ...glows all the time.... except all the time, under normal light. smh

  • pseudobob

    so if its a pet where to get it?

  • peter

    They did this years ago

  • Anodos

    "All i know is pain" says the fish " I cant sleep. I can never sleep...."

  • NutSpark

    Scientists? You mean Dr. Sheldon Cooper M.A., Ph.D., Sc.D. don't you?

  • No, noone cares about that fag.

  • David Gabel

    noone care about you either. besides you're hating on a fictional character that happens to sport an IQ that would make Albert Einstein and Steven hawking look like fools.
    So instead of wasting your time hating on someone that's not even real, go out and get a real life loser.

  • pseudobob

    in theory theory and practice are the same....but in practice they aren't. so no not him. even if it was physics not biology here. also he is fictional

  • KoMoDo64

    I hope their next invention is a coffee table book that's about coffee tables, and even folds out to a littler table.

  • And on the little table is another book that folds into a smaller table with a unicorn statue on it.

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