Man Creates Cheap Wind Powered Land Mine Detonators

November 29, 2012


Land mines: they suck. And unfortunately there are still parts of the world covered with them from bygone wars. Enter Callum Cooper's Mine Kafon, a rolling wind-powered land mine detonator inspired by a children's toy. Callum claims the average cost of a land mine removal is around $1,200, and his detonators can be made for a fraction of that, potentially exploding several mines in a single journey. Granted I'm not sure I'd trust running around in a mine field after one of these things has been blowing around in it for any period of time, but it is a step in the right direction. When I walked out to my car today? That was a step in dog shit. An urban land mine, if you will.

Hit the jump for a video demo.

Thanks to CRAZY MARCUS, who's so crazy he plays kickball in mine fields on the regular.

  • spectre99

    real big green light on this one, maybe not the most efficient design yet but definately worth looking into. hosanna that is a good fn idea. i also like the one for using land MINE designers as eod robots, big up. perhaps politicians as well??

  • Problem is by using this you're polluting the dessert with plastic from the ball and the broken down balls aswell (if they don't move sand will cover them). Good way to save human lives in short term but don't know in long term :s

  • ....your significance compass is all sorts of fucked up.

  • its pretty easy to notice from watching the video that the balls have inexpensive replaceable parts, so they wouldn't just let them roll off and leave them once they've taken out a mine.
    the only pollution i can see is from the plastic feet that blow up, but even then, theyre only the size of a Frisbee so minor amounts of litter really. the legs appear to be made from bamboo so they're fine to leave.

  • Anodos

    HEY! Who is the artist who makes those wind sculptures, the wind pushes them and they walk around like creatures. Set some of those things loose in the desert. Hows that for a performance art piece?

  • JJtoob

    Theo Jansen? I haven't found any videos of them in the desert, but I think they have done that. If you mean that desert with land mines, I wonder if they'd be heavy enough, but at least they'd cover more space in each "journey".

  • Anodos

    well, hed MAKE them heavy enough. Creatures walking around setting off land mines. How cool would that be?

  • Land "Mind" ???

  • Michael Knight

    how does it 'know' where to go? seems very random, ie based on wind direction.
    i don't know what his cost for parts was, but remote control cars are pretty cheap nowadays, put the 'brains' of a roomba in one and presto, mine detonator that will eventually clear every inch of the field.

  • Matthew Little

    I remote control car is nowhere near heavy enough to set off a land mine. And land mines are places randomly. The idea would be you set up an array of these at one end of a field and send them packing down wind until they reach the other side. Then do it again.

  • Mud_Duck

    It would depend on the type of mine. Some can be detonated with as little as 8 pounds. Also how are the mine detonated? Pressure, Pressure-Release, tripwire? The anti-tank mines now those are a different story. If the mines are placed randomly, how would you know where if boundaries of the field are?

  • n_a_a_s

    looks like a giant robot dandelion head before your blow all the fuzz off

  • Guest

    Hope the neighbors wont mind if I test one of these out in the back yard. Had a raccoon problem a while back and I still have one mine MIA. I hate telling people to walk around at their own risk!! : )

  • xRedster

    You're retarded GW. Callum Cooper isn't the creator or designer of this thing, it's Massoud Hassani. All it took for me to find that out is actually clicking on the website link. Do you even research your articles before posting them? Jesus fuck.

  • Craig Goins

    Simple mistake. He was talking about the director Callum Cooper, then accidently used his name after the directorial acknowledgement. Calm down.

  • Anodos

    NO. He fucked up, and I HOPE HE ROTS IN HELL

  • Now calm down, Skeeter. He ain't hurtin' nobody.

  • Anodos

    He ruined my fucking life. I was telling everybody "Callum Cooper created this wonderful thing", now EVERYONE THINKS IM AN IDIOT!

  • JJtoob

    Well, you kind of are for not checking your sources lol. GW is not a freaking Nobel Price winner if you didn't know.

  • It really is an innovative way to try and rid these deserts of landmines. But, being designed after children's toys, wouldn't you think that there is the possibility of children who don't know what they are to chase after them into a minefield?

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