I Only Give Them 1: People Start Abandoning Streaming Videos If They Take Longer Than 2-Seconds To Start

November 12, 2012



Because people are impatient and hate waiting for things (plus feel entitled and are all around jerkbags), a recent study has shown that people will start abandoning streaming videos if they take longer than two seconds to load. TWO SECONDS. Personally, I only give them one before I close the window and tell myself it was going to suck anyways.

...based on 2.3 million views by 6.7 million unique users, users will start abandoning "short" videos after two seconds, and that 20 percent have moved on after five seconds. As far as the study is concerned, "short" equals "less than 30 minutes," so you can probably imagine the migration happens even faster when you're talking about a one or two minute clip. Viewers waiting for longer flicks (probably films) are willing to put up with a lot more BS.

I'm sorry, but one second is my limit. Unless it's an ADULT video, in which case it better start instantly or I'll going somewhere else. Probably to put Jurassic Park back on. "But you don't even get to see dinos for the first half of the movie." *wink* I made my own GW Director's cut. Bonus feature: me playing with myself.

Thanks to Nathaniel, who gives all videos at least five seconds to load because his mom always taught him patience is a key virtue. I'm sorry, what was that? *yelling at Hot Pocket in microwave* GOD, WHY WON'T YOU COOK FASTER?!

  • Back in my day I had to live with dial-up. That took many more minutes to download a video online. I waited those many minutes by watching this doohickey called the television.

  • JJtoob

    Well, even I do that after taking half a second to see the rating bar suggests the video sucks, and see the top comment say the video is a rickroll.

  • disqus_Nd5J69oizS

    I'm going to assume the assumption is horribly flawed.

    How many were accidental clicks?
    How many were automatic playlists?
    How many had failed Ads loading?

  • seventh

  • erm.... am i the only one that see an issue with the numbers 2.3million views... by 6.7million unique users....? or are they all registering 1/3 of a view each??

  • Charles Whelan

    I think the other 4.4million people abandoned the video before it could load...

  • grimbldoo

    The video never started so it doesn't count as a view. This seems most logical.

  • 2 seconds to load a video, along with many other background connections, that's hosted on a sever that's most likely thousands of miles away is a bit long though. I expect everything to be instant no matter where or what I'm loading the video from..
    how hard can it be!?

  • Dinosaur Rex

    I blame kids, I wonder what they would do if they were sent back in time when images took minutes to load.

  • n_a_a_s

    this generation + learning patience = nope

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